It's time to show your talent, meet new friends along the way, and entertain people!

When will it air?

Deadline Auditions:
Nov 21,2020 5:00pm Saturday

Stream Date:
Nov 22, 2020 12:30pm Sunday

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We are looking for sponsors

This event is even more amazing if not for our magical sponsors! Your pledge will help this event to happen! We are asking for your help!

The amount we receive determines the prizes for our talented participants.

If you know anyone who is willing to support this event please share this website.

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Sponsor Tiers

Bronze Sponsors

Php 1

A few pennies goes a long way! Thank you dear! Di mabubuo ang 100 kung kulang ng isang piso

  • All sponsors will be interviewed

  • Shoutout on my stream

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  • Receive a thank you letter

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Php 500

You are wonderful! This tier includes everything in the last tier, plus:

  • Your name, nickname, company, or brand logo will be on

    • On our LIVE stream slideshow

    • This website

    • Event's Certificates of Participation & People's Choice Awards Layout

      • These are limited slots for the front page, first come first serve. Higher tiers (Grand Master & Challenger) will be prioritized. But we still hope for your sponsorship.

  • Special Discord Role for 2 months and get access to secret channels!

Grand Master Sponsors

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Sacrebleu!?! You're getting everything in the last tier, plus:

  • Your name, nickname, or company will be mentioned on the Facebook live description as a sponsor

  • Personalized Chibi Face just for you. You can print it as your own sticker, make it as your profile picture, vice versa

Challenger Sponsors

Php 2,000

You are impossible! You're getting everything in the last tier, plus:

  • 1 on 1 Art Lesson with Eizu for 1 hour on Discord

  • Personalized Portrait Black and White Sketch especially for you

How much can we raise? We can do this! Let's invite our neighbors, classmates, friends, and family! Php 1 builds up.

*The Current Cash Available is based on after the transfer fees, the real amount that I received. For sponsorship, especially Paypal transfer please shoulder the fees. Thank you~

Message us for more ideas!

How did this event came up?

Eizu has been invited as a judge on some events before. One day she was thinking about a community activity and then her moderator Pao suggested that we should organize a talent show! She thought, if her mod openly volunteered it means that they are willing to help this come true! Eizu and her Moderators want to produce this for content and to learn new things along the way.

Our main purpose is to add activity for our community during quarantine.

Rules for our Participants

  • You must be at least 18 years old. Any level, or if you just want show your hidden talent(s) is welcome to join!

  • You can submit your auditions via .MP3 or .MP4 file format. Video submissions is favorable!

  • Autotune or any form of voice alteration is not allowed except reverb.

  • The live performances are for semi-finalists and finalists.

  • Performers during the semi-finals and finals must be present on Eizu's Discord server.

Tip: Make sure that you are not in a loud environment. If you do not have a webcam, you may install the Discord app on your phone.


  • 15 minutes late from call time

  • Being disrespectful

  • Violation of aforementioned rules

Get 3 yeses

We will stream your auditions live. The Judges will decide if you'll receive a yes or a no. Goodluck!

After receiving 3 yeses and with 15 or so participats later, we'll proceed to the 2nd Round. THE Semi Finals!

Stay tune for updates we will contact you via email.

Eizunatics Got Talent Finals

Date to be announced

Keep your eyes peeled for the 5 FINALISTS and be amazed with their performances LIVE on Eizu's stream!

Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome, I won't audition but I want to help!

Please consider sharing the event. I would appreciate the word of mouth 💖

Sponsoring our event would be amazing but not necessary. Thank you for supporting me and this program!

Questions and Suggestions

Please message Eizu on messenger Or directly voice call her on discord

Payment Methods for Sponsors

Payment Methods Available

Pay via Gcash 0995-478-8654

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Pay via Coins.PH my email address is

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Unionbank of the Philippines

→ Account Holder Name: Diana B. Santos
→ Bank account number: 109453268766

If you want to pay via PayPal, credit card, Bank, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, or M Lhuillier please fill this form and we'll contact you via e-mail

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Deadline of Sponsorship

All of the status, sponsor's name, sponsor calendar, and current participants is published here I will update it everyday, please bookmark it.

Deadline of Sponsorship TO BE ANNOUNCED

We'll put your logo on Eizu's stream from August 1-20

We'll be organizing People's Choice Awards and Certificate of Participation in August ^_^

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About Eizu

Hello there! I'm Diana B. Santos aka Eizu. I'm a freelance artist, art instructor, I also love live streaming games like League of Legends, GTA V, and Creative Art on

I want to continue the hustle with my heart, stay strong, and share kindness.


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Eizunatics Got Talent is a Community Event organized by Eizu and her amazing mods Pao, Pupi, Sachiko, Dark, and Jovert.